Sunday, September 21, 2008

Second Life Social Networks

Here are a few Social Networks you may want to join:

Avatars United: Dedicated to many MMOG’s and Virtual Worlds but has an interesting premise. One login for as many virtual world personalities that you may have.

Koinup: A social network dedicated to sharing art, machinima and virtual world stories. Koinup seems to have been dominated by Second Lifers but also includes others. One of the smaller Second Life specific social networks. includes a shoutbox, event listings, and a Status update.

SLProfiles: The oldest Second Life social network.

SLScout: Ran by the NingID system, SLScout seems the most AJAX of all the social networks here. It uses a single login (as many social networks on the NingID system)

SLUniverse: Although not a social network in definition, this community site is one of the longest running Second Life community sites.

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