Monday, September 22, 2008

The person behind the avatar

We all should realize that there is a real person behind the avatar we use in SL. That person experiences real life feelings and concerns for those we encounter. Sometimes we don't always understand that. In my limited experience so far, I have tried not to make any strong judgements about certain people -- it's just not who I am in RL. But just like RL, there is no denying that there are good and bad residents in SL. There also seems to be no limit to the surprises I encounter along the way.

I also have to be honest with myself and realize that others may not be clear of my own intentions. So let me be clear here and now - I am here to have fun and meet people and if I should encounter a spark of special interest in someone, I will try to make that known as best I can. I would hope that others would feel comfortable to share the same.


1 comment:

Jordyn Carnell said...

if i hear that anyone has a "special interest" in you.. and don't tell you about it.. I'll beat them to death with my hat.

just sayin..