Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Monday in SL

I was really looking forward to logging in to SL on Monday. It's always fun to meet up with my friends and catch up. As soon as I logged on, I got an IM from my friends Brady & Troy. They were inviting me to join them over at Big Sky to dance. Syriana was playing there. I seem to catch Syri all over the grid. I'm gonna blog about her soon. While I was there I also met up with my buddy Tyler Ethaniel. I enjoy hanging out with him, because he introduces me to clothes, shapes and skins. Good things to know because he is an aspiring model. I admire those who have this skill.

The night ended with an IM from my best friend Troy Antwerp. He surprised me with a visit to my home. Eventhough it was late for him, he still managed to stay up and hang out with me. We chatted and shared. It was really nice. We even got funny shouts from my neighbor Brady.

I wonder what will happen today -- Tuesday.

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