Saturday, August 16, 2008

Are you cheating on your RL?

I have wondered about this question before. There are people in SL who have no problem with it. I am not sure how I even feel about it since it's still kinda new for me and I am currently single in RL and in-world.

I recently came across this posting in New World Notes. Blogger CeNedra Rivera recently conducted a survey and asked if Second Life sex with someone in-world besides your RL partner constitutes cheating. The survey results can be found on her website.

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Xsara said...

My experience of SL has shown me how easily it is to get immersed in this fantasy world and as I can create a whole new 'perfect' me, it highlights all the things in the real world that either I am not happy with or wished I could change.

So, when you meet other people who you share dreams with and who, on the surface and on deeper levels, you can relate to it is so easy to invest a whole heap of emotions that are real.

Once a relationship is established, as in real life, I find it hard not to want to please my new friend and explore where this new friendship takes me.....including indulging in virtual romance (unlike in real life). Being able to 'live out' real life fantasies in a virtual world is liberating but also has a dark side to it and I experience guilt!!

I have been hurt in SL which is ridiculous considering I don't actually know these people. However, I have also been hurt by my real life partner creating an intense friendship with someone on SL, where the friendship began to cross the line with real life emails, skype conversations and web cam meetings. So......did I cheat?? Did he cheat?? I can't quite decide...all I know is that real emotions are invested in both worlds and whatever anyone says our AVs are controlled by real people.