Sunday, January 3, 2016

PlantPets @ Rockridge Heights on SL Marketplace

 Ever since the recent introduction of Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM), I wondered exactly how easy it would be and if I could take my in-world PlantPet store and move some of them there.

So after watching a few of Torley Linden's tutorials and reading all the documentation, I decided to give it a try.

It was really not that difficult to set up a store and get started.  Of course, my product is not that complicated with having  mesh and versions, etc.  The store was only up a few days and I already made my first online sale.  I have a few PlantPets listed and hope to add more as time goes on.  It's a great way to clear out inventory of old Gacha's as well.  Many people seem to have taken advantage of selling those as well.

Here is the link to the PlantPets @ Rockridge Heights store on the Marketplace.

If you want to visit the in-world store then click HERE to teleport direct.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Drax Files Radio Hour's 100th episode

I was fortunate to attend the in-world special of the Drax Radio Files Hour [with Jo Yardley] which was held on the Firestorm Project Amphitheater on December 23, 2015.    The panel included the folks from MadPea, Firestorm Project, and Oz andVir Linden from Linden Lab.  If you have never listened to this podcast before, then I encourage you to check out the website and tune in on Fridays.  A very informative podcast about all things #SecondLife and....what is going on in virtual worlds as well.

The Sky Is Not Falling...Yet

I think we can all agree that #ProjectSansar  is going to provide a totally different user experience with cutting edge technology that will surpass  what is currently used in #secondlife  .  No doubt about it.  We also can probably agree that in the early stages, not everyone will have the means to even run Sansar.  As it stands now, it is quite expensive to get on board as a user or creator unless you have the $ or the skills.  One of my G+ friends has claimed the "Niche Factor" as a stumbling block for the typical Second Life user to take advantage of Sansar.  The bottom line for me is to just enjoy your Second Life and don't worry about what will happen to SL when Sansar arrives.  We still got time.  If sooner than later, then we move on to something else like "First Life"?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Firestorm Regions

I recently took a trip to see the Firestorm Regions in Second Life.  If you do a search in the viewer or on the web at, you will discover that there are actually 5 regions.  This picture was taken at the Firestorm Support Region
The landscaping on all of the regions is very nice with lots of spots for photo opportunities.  The Spooky Nights Hunt is going on if you want to participate in it while you explore the regions.  You are looking for a skull.  I passed on the hints page because these skulls are all over the place and quite easy to find.  The hunt runs till November 30th.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekend Shopping

OK I admit it, I do enjoy shopping in Second Life and lots of times I really have to wonder why.  I always ask myself this question when I am spending time in my inventory.  I am usually in it before I log out for the night. I think the key to keeping your inventory tidy is to consider everything you acquired during your login and put the stuff in a proper folder,   Trash the notecards and LM that you really don't need and THEN logout.  My guess is that no one really wants to spend the time, but trust me, its worth the effort.

Sure I occasionally hit up TMD and MOM, but there are two weekend shopping events that I never miss.  Fifty Linden Fridays and Lazy Sunday. These offer things for the home, but you can still find the girl stuff in them.  If you like the things from WhatNext and Digs, then you can usually find them on the list.

If you really enjoy shopping and want to pre-shop online before you visit the store inworld, then I would encourage you to visit  This way you can do a quick preview before you go to the actual event or store.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Are you employed in Second Life?

When you first rez into Second Life you are probably going to be homeless and without a job.  So is that a big deal?  The nice thing is that you are NOT naked.  Thanks to Linden Lab, you do get to choose a basic avatar, and the human ones do have clothes,

My first few weeks as a noob involved roaming and exploring.  I took my curious imagination and wandered all over the grid.  I discovered all kinds of places.  That curious nature in me continues today although probably not something I do as much as before.

Now let's face it, sooner or later you are going to notice all the nice clothes the other avatars are wearing and wonder if maybe you need to start shopping for some clothes that fit your particular style preference.  Or you could choose to go all out and find clothing that is entirely new and worth exploring.  After all this is Second Life.  So why not venture out and possibly try something on the "edge" *winks*

Ugh, But then "reality" hits you and you realize that this is going to come at a price.  So now what?  I know that you can purchase L$ and for some people that is fine.  However there are some who consider the option of "earning" there L$.  Now how do I get a job?

People earn L$ in a wide variety of ways,  They create things, perform music, offer photography services, become DJs or Host events, just to name a few.

When I first started in SL, I was very fortunate to have an awesome mentor (JakeC Hotshot).  He took me under his wing and gave me my first job as a host in his club.  Do you remember Jakes Dance Club (later to become Jake's Club Resort?  I was actually the blogger for that website after JC passed the torch on to me.  We had some awesome parties that I am sure some of my older friends will remember.

The bottom line is that you find your own niche and explore it.  If you enjoy doing it and it helps you acquire some L$ spending money, then go ahead and do it.  If at anytime things get to be drag or you dread it then STOP doing it.  Remember this is your Second Life so keep it FUN!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Highlights from Second Life's 12 Birthday Celebration

The theme for this years anniversary celebration is "What Dreams May Come."

There are many activities including live performers, DJs from all over the world,  fantastic exhibits, a hunt and so much more.  I encourage you to go and visit the SL12B website for all the details. 

Even though the party ended on Sunday, there is still time for you to explore the regions and see many of the exhibits until July 4th.  

One of the activities that was well attended were talks given in the Dreamitorium.  My favorite series and probably the ones that most residents really enjoyed were the informative talks in the "Meet The Lindens" series. I recommend that you visit the Second Life YouTube Channel for the full series which is now available for viewing.

It was the first time that I can remember seeing so many Linden Lab staff participating in-world. 

This is me dancing with Xiola Linden at the Linden Lab sponsored Music Fest Party.

I had the opportunity to DJ on the same stage leading up to the event.  It was a very exciting opportunity for me.

I was also a member of the Press Group.  This is something I have participated in for a few years now.  I even shared a few pics on the SL12B flickr page.

Overall, I think this was probably the best Birthday Celebration I have been to in all of my 7 years in Second Life.  I hope you had a chance to visit.  I highly recommend several visits.  There really is so much content to see on all of the regions that make of the celebration.  I also want to thank all the staff who put in countless hours for putting this event together for us.  Thank you.

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Decade of Second Pride

The Second Pride Celebration begins today and runs all week long with DJs and performers from across the Second Life™ Grid.  There will be plenty of opportunities for you to shake your booty on the dancefloor as many of the DJs will be performing throughout the day and well into the SLT night.  I will be performing on Monday 8-10pm SLT on the East Stage.

There will be lots of shops and vendors on 3 regions to satisfy your shopping desire.  Plus there is a Carnival and a Japanese strolling garden.  There will even be a Pride Parade on Sunday June 20th at 10am

This year the event takes place on 3 regions:
Main Stage Slurl - East Stage Slurl - South Stage Slurl

Have a Happy and Safe Pride!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Linden Lab Meetup at SL12B Event

This morning I attended a Linden Lab Meet up event for Premium Members in Second Life.  It was like a SLebrity Who's Who gathering. There were about 10 Lindens who were in attendance at some point throughout the long event. Here is a list of the Lindens I managed to see:  Xiola, Oz, Michael, Torley, Shaman, Patch, Vitae, Brett, Alexa and Simon.  I also saw my friends Bock McMillan, Tomais Ashdene, Kharisa Indigo, and Ziggy Starsmith.  At one point the sim was busy with about 80 avatars on the region.  The small island was packed.  My computer seemed to handle the load quite well and the longer I was there, the better conditions were in seeing most avatars fully rezzed as you can see from my photos below.

The crowded stage
Rocky looking on from a safe spot
This is Xiola Linden
This is Torley Linden, but you probably figured that out.
Blogger Bock McMillan and Photographer Tomais Ashdene

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Beware of Strangers Bearing Gifts

This seems to be a common event here in Second Life.  Someone gets an object and then it "deletes all your inventory" or hijacks your account and "steals your linden dollars"
Accepting Landmarks and Notecards are generally safe, but the problem comes when you receive and rez an actual object.
First, let me be clear that I have researched this several times and it always comes up in topics on various SL forums.
You generally have to grant the object permission in order for it to do "anything” The problem is that residents are always quick to click yes without realizing the possible consequences.
Sound advice is to never accept objects from strangers and always verify who the person is that is sending it.  The creators name is usually listed in the pop up or you can check the object properties.
The bottom line is if you have any doubt, then do not accept it.  If the person is known to you then you may want to send that person an IM about the object first.
The same rules apply in first life so why should it be different in second life.  Avoid paranoia but when in doubt, exercise a bit of caution.
This is similar to clicking on an unknown or unsolicited link in an email or even executable (.exe) file you may receive.  Always know and check the source carefully.  

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Adonis Heights Radio Party

On Saturday we had a party at my Lakeview Deck for the Adonis Heights Radio 2nd year on air.  I was not sure what to expect and I did mention it in a few of my social media channels including  Attendance was light and I am not sure what the reason is for that.  Timing perhaps?  It seems like residents are being pulled in all sorts of directions by contests with huge L$ prize and Best in this and that.  It's incredible the amount of pull people will do to get people to join their events.

My approach is simple.  I put it out there and see what floats.  I have been in Second Life for almost 7 years (my rez day is in May) so this is nothing really new.  Attendance always seems to be on a roller coaster until "The Next Big Thing".

My radio project is not a huge amount of time and investment so I will continue to provide this for those who want to listen to my favorite blend of music.  You can listen in-world and out here or grab the Tune-in app and listen on your mobile device.